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UberWeed Delivery is dedicated to providing marijuana to meet any budget and preference. We offer same day delivery throughout the GTA and provide mail order services across Canada! With ounces as low as $90, quads, specialty packed products and even organically raised bud, we pride ourselves knowing that we lead the Canadian marijuana scene.

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Toronto cannabis shoppers will be able to request cannabis deliveries through Uber Eats.

Consumers, who must be age 19 or older, will place orders on the Uber Eats app, which stores can receive and respond to through Leafly’s software. The retailers then send staff certified under Ontario’s cannabis retail education program.

You can make an order from Uberweedshop to get the fastest local delivery.




Canada's Online Marijuana Dispensary

An unrivaled shopping experience awaits you at UberWeedShop Cannabis! As the go-to source for mail order marijuana in Canada, we provide a wide range of products – from microdose psilocybe mushrooms to premium strains such as Pink Kush and Hawaiian Hammer. You can also browse through our selection of THC concentrates like Hash or CBD; or savor the distinct flavors of Lemon Kush strain and Kief. Elevate your experience with UberWeedShop Cannabis – discover the difference when you buy weed online with us today!

Toronto residents, why wait? UberWeedShop Cannabis is here to provide you with the best cannabis products around – without making you wait for it. Our inventory includes all of your favorite strains and edibles like Euphoria Extraction Shatter Bars! Plus, each order comes with a tracking code so that you can keep track of when it will arrive at your doorstep. Get the premier quality marijuana goods that have made us renowned now!

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Online Dispensary Canada

Are you searching for top-notch cannabis within Canada? Look no further than UberWeedShop Cannabis, your go-to premium online weed dispensary! We guarantee the highest quality of marijuana while also providing convenient delivery options. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a simple and effortless shopping experience when it comes to purchasing weed – making us your one stop shop for all things cannabis related. Whether you’re looking for mail order, or same day weed delivery from an online dispensary near me, we have got you covered!

Shopping for cannabis has never been as easy or discreet! As soon as you place your order, it is carefully packaged with privacy in mind. And don’t forget to sign up today so that you can take advantage of the exclusive UberWeedShop  Affiliate Program

Why Choosing Us?

At UberWeedShop, we promise top marijuana delivery in Toronto. Same-day service is our specialty; you won’t be disappointed – all of our cannabis and edibles are sourced from the most dependable farmers who strive to offer only top-notch products. Our mission always has your satisfaction as a priority!

UberWeedShop is your ideal source for weed delivery in Toronto and nearby areas. We connect customers directly to suppliers, eliminating costly middlemen while passing the savings onto you – our valued customer! Whether it’s stunning flowers for a special occasion or any cannabis product out there; when searching for marijuana products in the area, consider UberWeedShop first. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of all we have to offer today!

UberWeedShop is proud to be the leader of Canada’s rapidly growing cannabis industry. We offer a wide range of flowers, strains, edibles and concentrates for Medical Patients 19 years and up – even same day weed delivery in Toronto or other parts of Canada directly to your door! With ounces beginning from as low as $90 plus specialized packages available too – there is something that suits everyone perfectly. On top of everything else, all our buds come organically grown straight from the farmers – you won’t find anything fresher than this!

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UberWeedShop’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in its reputation for providing the quintessential cannabis experience throughout Canada. Its product strains are grown with exacting scientific rigor, ensuring their premium quality and lack of pesticides. As a result, customers can always be certain that they are receiving an organically certified product which looks wonderful and tastes delightful while producing consistent clean smoke with every inhale!

Relationship With Customers

Here at UberWeedShop, we prioritize building relationships with our customers above all else. We are thankful for the insight they have provided us and make it our mission to create a cannabis community that is inclusive of everyone. By nurturing authentic connections between ourselves and each one of our consumers, we stand out from other brands in this space as well as march towards prosperity together.


Our highly experienced Operations Manager has crafted our cannabis delivery in Toronto to guarantee maximum efficiency while saving money. Similar to other businesses within this sector, UberWeedShop uses cutting-edge fulfillment procedures. With payments being accepted swiftly and orders carefully sealed before they are sent out the following business day; you can be sure that UberWeedShop constantly provides top service.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Canada Post’s Xpresspost Service – the number one delivery choice for marijuana enthusiasts from Toronto to Vancouver! With us, you can expect a two-to-three day turnaround time and up to five days in more remote areas. Receive top quality products like edibles, concentrates and extracts conveniently at home through our nationwide service – it only takes a click of a button! Enjoy an unbeatable selection of marijuana delivered straight from us today.


Here at UberWeedShop, we recognize the importance of providing a consistent quality product. That’s why each and every cannabis plant is meticulously selected from trusted growers only after stringent examination. Additionally, pictures of every restocked batch are available for our customers to view in order to ensure complete transparency and reliable results with their purchases! This has enabled us to establish long-term relationships based on trustworthiness and reliability with all who visit us!

If you want the best mail-order cannabis company around, your search is over! We proudly showcase all our consumer reviews and comments on our website in addition to social media accounts – this way you can rest assured that we come highly recommended. Read what customers have said about us to see why we stand out from other marijuana retailers.

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Mail Order Cannabis Online in Toronto

At UberWeedShop, we are proud to provide our Canadian customers with access to Mail Order Weed services across the country, extending from British Columbia and Alberta right down to Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our selection of the best marijuana in Toronto and premium cannabis products is regularly updated with flavorful edibles sourced from trusted growers so you can always find exactly what you’re looking for! We prioritize both Medical Cannabis customers as well as Recreational Marijuana users alike thanks to our same-day delivery service plus mail order option – earning us a stellar reputation along the way too. Let us make your shopping experience simpler than ever before – choose convenience with UberWeedShop today!


Become a part of our community today and create your profile! Once you’re officially confirmed, dive into the store to grab all the latest products available. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity – Sign up with us now!


With our vast selection, it’s like a dream come true! Whether you’re looking for resin or dried bud, at our shop we have all the supplies you can imagine.

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Enjoy the convenience of local delivery with several payment options, including debit and credit cards, cash or other forms.

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Get your premier products delivered in a flash with rapid local same-day weed delivery from Uberweeshop cannabis store, or choose express shipping all throughout Canada and monitor the progress of your order!

New Products

Best Marijuana In Toronto: Quick Guide To Cannabis Strains at UberWeedShop

If you haven’t yet experienced flower smoking, what are you waiting for? With the effects of cannabis felt almost instantly and its traditional part in marijuana culture that is highly enjoyable, there’s no better way to consume your favorite herb than by passing a joint around with friends. Don’t miss out – give it a go!

If you’re contemplating smoking, vaping or ingesting cannabis, the effects will likely develop within a half hour and last for up to three hours depending on its strength. When you order cannabis online from Uberweeshop store by mail order or online – let’s explore this product’s remarkable potential!

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Sativa Weed Strains

If you’re searching for a strong mental energy surge and high THC levels, yet still able to socialize and think creatively – Sativa is the strain of choice. When browsing online dispensaries with Toronto weed delivery or concentrate shipping services, our budtenders suggest picking out strains ranging from 10-20% THC content. If it’s getting ready for your next rager or tapping into innovative thoughts – look no further than Sativa!

Indica Weed Strains

After a tiring day, Indica is your knight in shining armour! It has powerful sedative effects that will ease any neck and body tension. From winding down after work to falling asleep at night with blissful comfort- no other strain of cannabis can provide such relief like an indica can. Every puff packs a punch that’ll leave you feeling remarkably invigorated and relaxed simultaneously.

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cannabis gas dank uberweed 6 - Cannabis Delivery in Toronto

Hybrid Weed Strains

Drift off into a peaceful sleep and awaken feeling revitalized with the help of a hybrid mattress! Enjoy superior comfort without compromising support as these hybrids unite the best of both worlds. With so many versions to select from, you are sure to find one that fits your ideal sleeping needs perfectly. If you’re a neophyte to the cannabis world, we are delighted to guide you in your exploration. Keep in mind that finding that ideal strain may require some trial and error – as everyone’s personal experience with marijuana is one-of-a-kind, so should be selecting it for maximum satisfaction! Some people are content with any type of strain they find while others prefer something more particular.

Is marijuana legal in Toronto?

In 2018, Canada welcomed a new era of freedom with the introduction of the Cannabis Act. Now, Canadian citizens can consume marijuana for both medicinal and recreational uses without fear of legal repercussion – provided they are aware of their provincial government’s regulations on cannabis use in Toronto. Since different provinces or territories may have distinct requirements regarding cannabis consumption it is crucial to stay well-informed about each region’s laws before indulging in your favorite strain. Toronto is renowned for its stringent cannabis regulations, which include the following:

  • Those who are 19 and older have the legal right to purchase, carry, or use recreational cannabis.
  • Cannabis is incredibly flexible and can be used in an array of settings, from your own home to smoking lounges – even driving if it’s legal! For those seeking a way to soothe their minds and bodies, cannabis provides the perfect solution. Cannabis enthusiasts are blessed with unprecedented convenience when they choose this wonderful herb.
  • It is expressly forbidden to smoke marijuana in any enclosed, shared spaces such as buildings with walls and ceilings, schools when children are present, hospitals or other health facilities, or government-owned locations like parks and roadsides. You should also never light up while operating a vehicle.
  • In Canada, individuals aged 19 or older are legally allowed to hold up to 30 grams of dried cannabis – or its equivalent amount in other forms like 5 g fresh buds, 15 g edibles, 70 ml liquid product, and 0.25 g concentrate – for personal use. Additionally, citizens may grow a maximum of four marijuana plants on their property as well!

Cannabis Products Can To Buy at UberWeedShop

Don’t settle for the same old dried flower marijuana products from the past. Cannabis delivery in Toronto is here to upgrade your experience with a much broader selection of items! No matter where you’re located in the city, getting hold of exceptional cannabis goods is easier than ever – including mouth-watering edibles like THC-infused chocolate bars and cookies, as well as more potent extracts such as shatter or live resin. Check out what’s available today!

Are you prepared to take your cannabis journey to the next level all from the convenience of home? Then, CBD oil tinctures are perfect for you! Not only do they deliver an array of health benefits with no associated risks like smoking or smelling smoke. Get ready for a richer and more elevated cannabis experience today!

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Weed Strains

With the vast selection of cannabis flower varieties, from Indica and Sativa to Hybrid buds, you have countless possibilities at your fingertips – perfect for any budget. Whether you’re a thrifty shopper or luxurious connoisseur, there is something just right for everyone! Even better if you buy in bulk; then it’s almost guaranteed that savings will be yours too! The world of cannabis flowers awaits – don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

Marijuana Extracts

As using cannabis continues to become the norm, individuals are presented with multiple ways of consuming it. Cannabis extracts like hash, oil, shatter budder and terp sauce present you with a high potency dosage of THC and other active compounds – just be aware that some may contain higher levels than others! The effects of these selections match traditional marijuana yet require only a minuscule dose to experience the same level.

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THC Cannabis Edibles

Are you looking for an enjoyable way to reap the rewards of marijuana without inhaling smoke? Edibles may be your perfect solution! With a wide selection ranging from cookies and pastries to chocolates and teas, there is sure to be something that will tantalize everyone’s taste buds. It’s important to remember that each person can have different reactions based on dosage; these range anywhere from light sensations up through strong effects. So why not experience cannabis-infused treats today?

Cannabis Edibles

At UberWeedShop, you have a wide selection of treats to choose from! From traditional dark chocolate to exotic fruit-flavored gummy candies, we’ve got something for everyone. With options ranging from light and mild potency levels to more intense flavor profiles, your search for the perfect product is over; simply find the one that best suits your preferences!

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The incredible health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) combined with its lack of psychoactive properties have caused it to quickly become a popular choice for millions around the world. Toronto marijuana dispensaries are seeing an influx in demand for CBD products such as vapes, tinctures, oils, gummies and pills, isolates and topicals – leaving individuals raving about this amazing remedy!

Magic Mushrooms

Get ready for a remarkable, one-of-a kind journey! Toronto is home to an abundance of magic mushroom products that can carry you into the unpredictability. Dried shrooms come in all forms and colors so there’s something for everyone – just be aware that these trips could be strong or even bizarre so please move forward with caution.

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Visiting our Toronto cannabis dispensary is the perfect solution for you to purchase Sativa, Indica and Hybrid tinctures extracted with either alcohol or vegetable glycerine. Not only do these extracts boast potent amounts of THC and CBD but their shelf-life allows them to stay fresh longer – which makes it an absolute must buy! Don’t pass up this superb opportunity – come by now and find what suits your marijuana needs!

To get the highest possible value for your money, it is absolutely essential to do extensive research before purchasing CBD oil. If you need a product that can help with anxiousness, look into those with high levels of CBD; alternatively, if you are looking for something to reduce muscle spasms and inflammation while also helping improve sleep quality, products containing THC have been scientifically proven to be beneficial in this regard.


If you’re looking for THC and CBD vapors, then look no further than our Toronto store! We offer an extensive range of top-notch cannabis vaporizers and vape accessories to suit your needs. Unlike smoking, vaping only heats up the dried or liquid marijuana without combusting it – resulting in a much smoother smoke that preserves the plant’s natural aroma while also being gentle on your throat.

If you’re searching for the optimal cannabis vaping experience, then look no further! Our vapes are designed with extraordinary taste in mind and powered by 100% cannabinoids to provide a sublime high right away. Perfect for those who wish to skip out on smoking marijuana – our quick process promises that you’ll be feeling great within minutes of use. Try it today and see why we’ve been rated as the best vape product available!

Distillate Pens

If you’re searching for a vaping experience that stands out from the rest, distillate pen cartridges are your answer! Distillation is an intricate refining process of cannabis extracts to create an ultra-strong and concentrated form. With this incredible product, users can enjoy one-of-a kind vaping pleasure unlike anything else on the market – so don’t miss out on it!


Looking for a simple, instant method to consume cannabis flower products? Pre-rolls are your go-to! You can easily buy them at an offline or online cannabis dispensary like UberWeedShop in Toronto. Despite the common name of ‘joints’, they’re officially known as pre-rolls – and it’s easy to see why. They have amazing effects on users, so it is no surprise that people keep coming back for more. Enjoy the utmost ease and convenience of having your beloved marijuana strains brought to you – all from the comfort of home! Let cannabis delivery services bear this burden for you, so that you can put your feet up.

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Experience the therapeutic properties of cannabis with innovative cannabis topicals! These Cannabinoid-based solutions, available in lotions, salves, balms or oils form, provide a range of health benefits when applied directly to your skin. From alleviating pain and discomfort to offering potential other advantages – you can find what you’re looking for at many dispensaries across the country. Embark on an exciting and rewarding journey into cannanbis today!

Topical products have the capacity to make a world of difference, providing relief from difficult skin conditions such as eczema and breakouts. At the same time, they can help combat depression while keeping your complexion looking healthy and vibrant!

Cannabis Accessories

Elevate your cannabis journey with our meticulously chosen collection of superior products! Whatever you prefer- smoking flowers or vaping liquids, we have the supplies to ensure an incomparable experience. Our range includes a broad selection of premier brands across several categories of accessories:

  • Batteries
  • Lighters
  • Devices
  • Papers / Rolling Supplies
  • Grinders
  • Glassware
  • Trays
  • Dab Tools
  • Cleaning Solutions
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